The Eye of the Tiger- Wilbur Smith

Eye of the tiger cover

Finally, I brought myself around to reading a Wilbur Smith novel, a style that in many ways to me resonates an Alastair Maclean.  The eye of the tiger is a fast-moving adventure thriller―sometimes predictable, but mostly gripping. It is a story that takes us on a diving expedition in search of treasure. Never too far behind are the bad guys who take no prisoners. I found it an enjoyable read but felt that by the time Wilbur Smith had reached 400 pages that he had run out of steam and the finishing fell short of a good story. Seriously, we can all recall those bad movies where the villain is squashed, packed with bullets, drowned and more, only to rise from his deathbed to attack the hero. Never-the-less, despite the ending and the writer’s taste for crudity, I can recommend this book and I am now into reading a second Wilbur Smith.

Brian Wilson