Operation iran cover final

Operation Iran by Brian Wilson is a fast-paced espionage thriller stretching from Mexico to New Zealand and across the Middle East, pitting its protagonists against one another in a deadly game of cat and mouse. The CIA, MI6 and the KGB assign some of their top agents to a mission on which the future of the world may be at stake. A mysterious laser weapon is being moved along a perilous journey to an unknown destination that will decide its use for good or evil. Those assigned to locate and take possession of the weapon are unsure of who or what they are up against. What they are sure of is the urgency of their quest and the consequences of failure. It is a quick-moving suspense tale that will draw you in and keep you there.

Donald Bush is a CIA executive determined to track down the laser weapon, assigning two of his most promising recruits to the chase. Ted and Graeme are on the trail of Adam Brown, a seasoned operative who has been rumored to have been killed in action. The rumors prove unfounded as Adam is on the trail of Saber Azamov and Dr. Ghasemi, Islamic operatives seeking to capture the weapon for their own overlords. Also on the hunt are two couples: Sarah and James, as well as Frank and Olga Reza. Only as the paths intertwine and overlap, patterns develop as does a pressing question: who is actually working for whom?

The author cleverly uses a geopolitical backdrop against the chessboard upon which the characters compete. The Iranian government is suspected to be behind the plot, only they point to the enmity between Israel and their mortal enemies of Islam as the source of the true conspiracy. The Mossad proves to be one of the behind-the-scenes players, though the USA and the UK are also highly concerned as to where the super weapon ends up. As the plot unfolds, we find that Russia and China have also dealt themselves in. The story builds to a climactic finale in which numerous operatives are uncovered as double agents. Adam, Ted and Graeme find themselves in a moonlight masquerade where the person alongside them may be a traitor whose face is the last they’ll ever see.

It’s a whirlwind tour around the globe, taking readers on a chase where deception and betrayal lie around every corner. For espionage fans and action/adventure readers, Brian Wilson’s Operation Iran is a must-read.