The Blight by John Reinard Dizon


They started out as a special force of four- Government operatives assigned to carry out the hard impossible jobs in Iraq. Now as super cops they continue carrying out dangerous operations; putting their bodies on the line as they fight the blight, as they clean the streets of gangs of drug dealers. But now everything is to change as X a psychopath comes on the scene; the encounter with crime now becoming personal as the hunters become the hunted.

This is an action packed novel that reveals the ugly side of the criminal world, corruption and the dangerous job of policing crime in the USA. As the author states, “Violence is a plague, a blight, an incurable disease”. He leaves one with a question to whether the job of the four as Government assassins is any worse than X attempting to take out criminals as well as innocent parties who fall in the line of fire?  Is violence justified as a means to a desirable end?

John Dizon is a talented writer. His action packed novels and command of the English language provide for good reading. This is a book with twists and turns that will have you perched on the edge of your seat. It is a novel I can recommend.

Brian Wilson

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