The Jesus Experience- Wendy Anderson

The Jesus Experience by Wendy Anderson. Wendy Anderson is to be commended in writing a book about her spiritual experiences given that there will always be skeptics who find reason to be a doubting Thomas. My own mother, when she was in her sixties, was diagnosed with bowel cancer. People prayed and a month later an x-ray showed her to be clear. She lived on to be 85. As a reviewer I can therefore identify with spiritual experiences.

As a first-time New Zealand author, Wendy has her own unique style in telling her story. I found this to be a difficult writing style to follow, which had a less coherent structure and grammatical errors. I understand though that this book has now been rewritten.This is Wendy’s story, about family and her relationship with God. It is an insight into the lives of those living on the beautiful, narrow stretch of land bordered by sea and mountains called the West Coast. Just over one hundred years ago, this was an area swarming with gold miners panning the rivers in their thousands. Then, as the gold ran out, bustling communities dissipated leaving ghost towns, and smaller communities dependent largely on services provided from the other side of the Southern Alps. Some of Wendy’s stories are based around her dangerous journeys through these mountains.

The Jesus experience is not just an inspirational book for Christians. This is a book that others may also enjoy as Wendy invites you into her Christian life and the experiences of a West Coaster.


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