BB&RED: The New Playmate -Suzanne Jones


BB & Red: The New Playmate, is the second children’s book published by Suzanne C Jones. It is a book that would appeal to an age group of about 3 to 10.

As a granddad I have a renewed interest in children’s books, but I should add that this is not by choice. When a children’s story book is thrust into my hand I find that a well-illustrated, colourful story book is the ideal. Children love colourful pictures and identifying things. Preferably the book should be short with a simple story, because often children ask us to read the same story over and over again. Children just love repetition even if grandparents and parents don’t.

Suzanne Jones has over thirty years working with children as a primary school teacher. Her book is colourful and well-illustrated with an added feature of an activities page. The story reflects her Australian lifestyle with the addition of a bit of humour.

This is a book I can recommend.


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