Darkness falls on the beautiful hiking trails of Castle Rock, and death strikes without warning. After the first body was found with its throat ripped out, Detective Ryan Wade and Dr. Kayla Niccoles seek answers. The coroner reveals the body was riddled with rabies, probably an attack by a rogue bear or wolf, but when more people are killed, an enigmatic visiting zoologist presents a disturbing theory – one that goes beyond the boundaries of natural law. To protect the town and the people he loves, Wade will have to face the beast on its own killing ground; the cliffs and caves of Castle Rock.

About the author

Rebecca was born in Baltimore, MD in 1971 and moved to West Virginia along with my family when she was two years old. She has two grown children and two beautiful granddaughters.

She started writing short stories while in middle school, but wasn’t serious about becoming a writer at that time. It wasn’t until high school when she wrote a paper for her creative writing class that she knew she wanted to become an author one day.

She continued her writing education through LongRidgeWritersGroup.com in which she completed two writing courses, one on Breaking into Print and the other, Shape and Sell Your Novel.

She still lives in Southern West Virginia along with her three dogs, and continues to write.