I Am Special – The Power is in ME! (Empowering Children series Book 1) by JODI SYKES


About the author

Who am I? I am a Writer. Blogger. Light Worker. Motivator. Educator. Animal lover. Friend. And my main objective? To live life to the fullest!

I live in St. Augustine, Florida, and I’m a member of FWA (Florida Writer’s Association) and the SCBWI (Society for Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators). I am available for interviews and lectures. If interested, please email me at JodiSykes@aol.com

Jodi Sykes is a freelance writer, author of Rhyming Activities for Beginning Readers (T.S. Denison & Co.), I am Special – The Power is in ME! and The House on Pancake Hill (Amazon.com). She is also a website content editor, proofreader, and daily blogger of, Living La Vida (Lymphoma).

Check out my blogs at:
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