jesus experience

This is the story of an ordinary woman named Wendy – a housewife/volunteer/artist, and her brother Dennis – a builder/steel mill worker/car fanatic. This book is all about how they handle being Christians amidst the joy and turmoil of the circle of life.

There is drama in the high mountains of New Zealand’s Southern Alps. Stories told with humour and charm. Real answers to prayer along the way. Plus other surprises and page-turning adventures. And a personal visit from Jesus.

Neither Wendy nor Denny claim to be perfect or particularly extraordinary – far from it, their short comings are all too obvious – but they have a real live relationship with Jesus, The Holy Spirit and Father God – the God who wants to reach out to us.


“I’ve read much Christian writing, though none quite as unique as this book! I think the distinct, original ‘voice,’ as well as the charisma and wit, set it apart from other Christian-themed memoirs. This helps draw readers in and make them feel as if they’re conversing with a friend…”