The Naughty King Series-Based on Exodus 8-14- by Suzanne C Jones

The Naughty King Series-Based on Exodus 8-14- by Suzanne C Jones

Suzanne, born and raised in outback Queensland, Australia, has over 30 years experience working with and teaching young children.

As an experienced primary school teacher Suzanne is very knowledgeable of young children’s needs and interests. Being a dedicated and practising Christian Suzanne brings a wealth of biblical knowledge to her writing in a very humorous and practical way.

‘The Naughty King Series: based on Exodus 8-14’, is a set of 5 children’s, picture books ( under one cover) told from the perspective of the creatures sent to plague the disobedient king enslaving God’s people, the Hebrews. The series is humorous, interactive and educational with hints provided for parents or teachers using it. The books of the series are: ‘Frog City’; ‘Mossie Squadron’; ‘Fly Fleet’; ‘Locust Lift Off; and ‘City of Tears’. This series is designed for the younger reader but can provide enjoyment and value to the older child as well.

The purpose of the series is to draw attention to, and promote discussion around the vital concept of obedience to God. It is available through as a paperback.


One thought on “The Naughty King Series-Based on Exodus 8-14- by Suzanne C Jones

  1. This series is an enjoyable read and certainly caters for children of all ages including young adults. It is very well written and all drawings are done by the author which adds a personal touch to the series.It has great interactive s and is very educational. It is something I know I will read again and will pass onto my children one day. I highly recommend this book to all children, young adults and parents. It is a valuable and enjoyable read.

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