27 Steps to a Richer Life- Bruce Mellor

27 Steps to a Richer Life- Bruce Mellor

If you would like to conquer the lethargy and procrastination experience in everyday life and rise to a peak of positiveness and accomplishment, then this may be the book for you. Bruce Mellor cleverly uses the analogy of conquering a mountain and this is set out in an easy-read workbook format with exercises and interlaced with quotes reinforcing the positive approaches to life.

Bruce Mellor confidently covers the process of moving from base camp to achieving the final ascent of achievement. With over 28 years as a professional training consultant and with considerable experience in management, sales and marketing, he is indisputably an expert in the area of how to achieve and to be goal focused.

Bruce lives in Essex with his wife, two cavalier King Charles spaniels, a cat and numerous chickens raised and cared for by his wife. He had a grammar school education in which he majored in languages and he is fluent in both French and German. His professional coaching career spans in excess of 28 years. In this he has created and headed many training courses from induction to management, including ‘train the trainer’ workshops and management development programmes, all complemented with appropriate training manuals and supporting literature.
He is inspirational and influential in his unique approach and has been praised by both those individuals who have benefited from his methods in their personal lives and company directors alike.