About the Author

John Dizon spent his first thirty years living in New York before moving to San Antone where he spent eighteen years. He now lives in Kansas City. These have been rich and rewarding experience as they are entirely disparate areas with unique cultures. Though most of his novels are based in New York, he has written scenes in Texas and Missouri and will continue to do so. It allows readers from North and South, East and West to identify with his characters and recognize the authentic backdrops in his novels.

Work and Study
He started university study as a music major but switched to English. He is now completing an MA in English. During his working career he spent six years completing insurance claims and this gave him great insight into the pharmaceutical industry as well as the dark side of corporate politics. Office politics are prevalent in all walks of life, so he is able to inject this obsequious and treacherous atmosphere into his novels as needed.

His Books
Tiara is a suspense packed novel about the Irish situation. John has Irish links-his mother’s ancestors being from Northern Ireland. His upcoming novel Generations is dedicated to her background and the Irish-American experience. John visited Ulster in 2000 and thought it to be the trip of a lifetime. The highlight of the trip was being escorted out of Armagh in the middle of the night by the Royal Ulster Constabulary due to curfew restrictions.

His novel Wolfangel is about the Das Reich Division going into battle at Normandy on D-Day. Wolf Man has a significant portion of the novel taking place in Serbia. John’s upcoming novel Both Sides Now begins in West Germany in the Sixties. John has been a lifelong student of history and take delight in using foreign countries as backdrops and highlighting their society and culture.


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