BS Dolphin, living in Tennessee, has enjoyed freelance creative writing for numerous years. Holding a BS in Communication, she recently opted for creativity verses technical writing due to an imagination running amok. Writing for various clients, and self published; she mixes action with romance and rolls it in dark conflict on a daily basis. Ghostwriting for various contracts has granted a plethora of knowledge and feedback. Release into the ocean of writers under her own name has been a learning process. Recognizing the twisting loops within the learning curve has been thrilling. She is now eagerly racing around the next bend.

Barring The Wicked Synopsis:
Have you ever been hurt so deeply that you ran into another’s arms only to discover they offered no shelter? I have. My name is Zoey Peterson. After Trent Black’s promises to never hurt me ended when he was imprisoned for burglary, I ran to hide. Not only did Trent hurt me but he also used my brother as a get-away driver. I lost a slice of time with the only family that remained because of Trent.

They claimed innocence while I tried to ignore society’s judgment. I was proud and in serious denial. I let pain rule my actions. When my brother called to tell me he was out, I had no clue that my future was about to get overhauled. I quickly discovered that my attempt at barring the wicked from my life had allowed another evil to enter. Thankfully, Trent was not only talented and charismatic but had never forgotten me.