Some Strange Scent of Death by Angela Elliott



Angela Elliott (Angela Mumby) studied Fine Art at University and became a graphic artist, Her other work roles have comprised: a semiconductor engineer, borough manager for Victim Support – supporting victims of serious crimes and a clinical hypnotherapist,

She has written on over 30 TV documentaries, not to mention dramas and films. Angela has written with Bernie Williams (Hollywood producer of Charlotte’s Web) as well as British Director Lewis Gilbert’s son, John Gilbert, and actor Stewart Bevan.

As a writer she now focuses on novels, but writes across genres.


 The Remaining Voice

 Sophie Daviau has kept a secret for the last 56 years. Now she has cancer and is about to die, she feels compelled to explain to her middle-aged daughter Eva of the traumatic experience that has remained with her since 1957. When mother and daughter rent a small cottage in the Cotswolds, Sophie takes the opportunity to reveal all.

It is 1957, and when a youthful Sophie’s grandfather inherits his estranged sister’s estate, he sends Sophie to take possession of the apartments in both London and Paris. Sophie’s great-aunt, Berthe Chalgrin, left France suddenly in 1907 and never returned. No one has entered Berthe’s Paris apartment in 50 years. Sophie must catalogue the contents and report her findings back to her grandfather. The London property is sterile, but eerie. That of Paris is full of precious antiques and musical memorabilia. Sophie can’t wait to unravel the mystery of her great-aunt’s life.


Some Strange Scent of Death

Set in the Outer Hebrides in the year 1900, Some Strange Scent of Death is based on a true story – the mysterious disappearance of the St. Flannan Isles lighthouse keepers. One hundred years later the mystery of the dramatic disappearance endures. What exactly did happen to the keepers? Locals believed they had been spirited away by the phantom of the isles; others thought that an enemy vessel had taken the men, or that a monster from the deep had lifted them bodily from the island. There was even talk of black-cowled ghosts. Although the truth is that they were probably swept away and drowned, rumours have played a big part in making this a mystery of Marie Celeste proportions which people still remember today.

Losing Cherry 

 Cherry is eighteen and seven months pregnant by her thirty-seven year old boyfriend Troy, but when he ties her to the kitchen chair on their wedding day and threatens her with a gun, she goes into labor. Her baby is born dead and Troy takes off, but when she goes after him her problems go from bad to worse and she encounters murder, mayhem and madness in her journey of self-discovery.

Losing Cherry is not for the faint of heart and is a read of twisted emotions and gritty realism.

Knight Trilogy by Katie. M. John

Knight Trilogy by Katie. M. John

Katie’s debut YA fairy tale series, ‘The Knight Trilogy’ has become an international best-seller in several chart categories and has reached the No.1 spot for Fairy Tales on Amazon U.K. Her recent publication has been a stand alone novel ‘Beautiful Freaks’ which is a playful exploration of the Victorian detective genre, blending classic crime with paranormal fairytales. She is currently working on an ambitious seven book series called, ‘The Meadowsweet Chronicles’ which is a tale of modern witchcraft in a sleepy but completely unordinary English Village.

She has received several accolades for her work including being awarded, The Indie Horror Award for her short story, ‘The Venus Club’, A Kindle Book Reviewer’s Choice of 2012 for Knight Trilogy and is currently a semi-finalist for A Kindle Book Review 2013 Award for Beautiful Freaks. As well as writing novels, Katie also writes short stories, often in the horror genre, having had several shorts published by a variety of e-zines and publications. She has had several poetic works published in both print anthologies and electronic publications.
Her work is a blend of rich imagery and fast paced action. Before writing full-length novels, Katie wrote poetry, her works being published in several anthology publications.

The Knight Trilogy (The Forest of Adventures, Immortal Beloved & Star Fire) Published by Little Bird Publishing House. London
Beautiful Freaks published by Little Bird Publishing House. London
When Sorrows Come (A serialized Wattpad Novel)

The Haunting of Heathmoore House. (Nexgate Press)
The Wishing Well Witch (Nexgate Press)
Desert Oracles (Hall Bros. Entertainment)
The Venus Club (Little Bird Publishing House)
Don’t be Fooled (Sirens Call)

The Song of Us (Wintergoose Publishing)
The sound of The Night (Sirens Call)

2011 Indie Horror Short Story Award for ‘The Venus Club’
2012 A Kindle Book Review Reviewers’ Choice Award 2012 for ‘The Knight Trilogy’
2013 A semi-finalist for A Kindle Book Review Novel Award for ‘Beautiful Freaks’